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Tax Advisory

Is This Your Situation?

You require external resources to:

  Prepare monthly and annual tax returns.

  Reconcile the financial statement accounts with tax returns, e.g. revenue reconciliation, salary reconciliation, etc.

How We Can Help You

  Providing the company’s monthly and annual tax returns.

  Arranging reconciliations between financial statements and tax returns, e.g. revenue, salary, withheld taxes, etc.

Is This Your Situation?

You plan to:

  Enter into new agreement or transaction.

  Invest in a new company or type of business.

  Identify certain tax implications or tax risks as the result of existing transactions or business structure.

How We Can Help You

  Providing advice on the tax implications of the proposed structure or agreement.

  Formulating a strategy to optimize the company’s tax costs.

  Identifying the tax implications for various types of industries.

Is This Your Situation?

  You have disputes with the Tax Office.

  You are overwhelmed by the demand of the Tax Auditors during the tax dispute process.

  You are hesitating on which steps must be taken to deal with the dispute.

How We Can Help You

We can assist you on different stages of the tax dispute process:

  Tax Audit: Representing the company during the tax audit process until the issuance of Tax Assessment Letters

  Tax Objection: Preparing the Objection Letter and represent the company during the Objection Process until the Objection Decision is issued

  Tax Appeal: Preparing the Appeal Letter and the necessary explanation letters and also represent the company in the Tax Court hearings

  Judicial Review: Coordinating with the appointed Law Firm to formulate the case and the Judicial Review application to the Supreme Court

Is This Your Situation?

You require assistance to ensure whether your company has complied with the prevailing tax regulations and requirements.

How We Can Help You

We can assists you by:

  Providing a tax review service to identify the tax risks and exposures.

  Evaluating and providing recommendations to improve the company’s tax administration.

Is This Your Situation?

You need assistance to prepare Transfer Pricing Documentation as mandatory required by the Ministry of Finance Regulation No. PMK-213/PMK.03/2016.

How We Can Help You

We can assist you by preparing the Master File and/or Local File in accordance to the Indonesian tax regulations and OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines.

Payroll Service & Software

We can provide a cloud-based human resource information system to help your company to manage their HR and Payroll, such as employees’ database, absence and leave management, reimbursement and expense management, payroll and tax reporting, recruitment, training management, etc.

Our easy-to-use human resource information system has many key features which can help the company to increase its productivity, secure its employees database, and save your company’s valuable time and money.

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SSJK Training Centre provides public and in-house training to enrich the knowledge and skills of the professionals and employees. Our trainers are experienced practitioners in their respective field. Therefore, our training will be a combination of both theory and practice in order to provide you the optimum learning experience.

Currently SSJK provide trainings in the following fields:


We provide a wide range of taxation training topics, e.g. international tax, transfer pricing, tax dispute resolution, and Corporate Income Tax. The training topics can be tailored in accordance to your needs.

Soft Skills

We provide soft skills training to increase your employees’ motivation, time management, leadership, presentation and problem-solving skills, and also build effective communication and team work, etc.

Training Schedule

Our timetable is ever-changing. Please follow the link below to check on our training schedule

Trainer Profile

Stefanus Kurniardi SSJK
Stefanus Kurniadi
Tax Trainer

Stefanus is a Certified Transfer Pricing Specialist and Certified International Tax Analyst with more than 17 years of experience as tax consultant.

Muslim SSJK
Muslim Jayadi
Soft Skill Trainer

Muslim has more than 20 years of experience as human resource consultant, ISO consultant, motivation trainer and soft skills trainer.

Johannes Budi SSJK
Johanes Budi Sutedjo
Soft Skill Trainer

He has more than 20 years of experience as professional trainer for multinational companies, government institution, and State-owned companies (BUMN).