SSJK Consulting is a consulting firm based in Jakarta that provides professional services and assistances to multinational companies and foreign investors to help them identify the Indonesian taxation issues related to their business and transactions.



Why Choose Us?

Niche Expertise

We have niche expertise and experience in dealing with Indonesian tax systems which will benefit our clients.

Deep Understanding

We have a deep understanding of Indonesia’s unique business culture which helps our clients execute their transactions and investments in the country.

Create Effective Solutions

We create effective and efficient solutions so our clients will obtain the optimum result at a reasonable cost.

Maintaining Core Values

We provide more than answers, we provide solutions to the problems. At SSJK Consulting, we are committed to applying our core values in order to provide an excellent level of service to the clients.

Our Expertise

SSJK Consulting employs professional consultants with degrees in tax and accounting from well-known universities that are able to provide documentations in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. Our consultants are also registered as Certified Tax Consultants in Indonesia. We continuously develop our taxation skills through regular domestic and overseas training, and through our own in-house development program to keep up with the ever-changing economic condition and the regulations related to it.

Our talented and professional collaborative team offers a formidable mix of knowledge and experience, rooted in a long history of advising on some of the most significant and the most complex taxation issues regarding corporate and commercial transactions across a broad range of industries including, but not limited to:



Retail and Consumer Products

Logistic and Warehouse Management

Consultancy Services



Our Team

Stefanus Kurniardi SSJK
Stefanus Kurniadi
Director Practice Areas:

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Budi Jonathan SSJK Trainer
Budi Jonathan Sitorus
Associate Manager Practice Areas:

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Torang SSJK Trainer
Torang Shakespeare Siagian
Associate Manager Practice Areas:

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Anita Paulina SSJK Trainer
Anita Paulina
Senior Consultant Practice Areas:

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Ida Ayu SSJK
Ida Ayu Ketut Candra Lestari
Senior Consultant Practice Areas:

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Ruli Aprilianto
Senior Consultant Practice Areas:

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Mujammil SSJK
Muhammad Mujamil
Senior Accounting & Tax Practice Areas:

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Alfiyyah SSJK
Alfiyyah Nikmah Taqiyah
Consultant Practice Areas:

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Tara Lorenza Halim
Consultant Practice Areas:

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